Revising BMJ
brand messaging

Refreshing the value proposition, messaging and brand identity for BMJ OnExamination.


  • Design Support
  • Graphic Design
  • Campaign Development


BMJ OnExamination are the leading provider of online medical revision aids. They have helped over 210,000 doctors with their medical revision. As an established brand, they are threatened by disruption from new ‘challengers’ in the sector.


The challenge was to develop an engaging value proposition along with a visual and verbal toolkit for BMJ OnExamination. This would help to retain their position as the authority in online medical revision aids.


We developed a strategy around the theme of time. With time being one of life's most valuable commodities, the learning resources from BMJ OnExamination ensure that this is not wasted. How we allocate time can be a constant struggle and there is never enough of it —especially in the medical profession. This concept formed the foundation of the messaging and value proposition.


We created a rich visual and verbal toolkit for BMJ OnExamination which was applied to the core brand touchpoints. These included the online presence, website UI, digital advertising and UI for their app.

Motion Graphics

We produced a number of animation sequences for BMJ OnExamination to help promote the key features of their learning platform and app.