Lisarb Energy:
solar investment

Our aim was to reposition Lisarb, establishing their purpose, mission and values that would then influence a consistently clear message across all communications. Resulting in the engagement of a more commercial audience.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Messaging & Tone of Voice
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design
  • Brand Video


Ethical Investment projects such as Solar Farms are combating climate change and enabling the supply of cheap, clean power. Solar has grown to become one of the most important sources of energy worldwide. New solar capacity is outpacing gas and coal, nuclear and even wind.


Lisarb Energy required a rebrand and respositioning to reflect their capabilities and position in the market. The objective was to engage and appeal to a more commercial audience, potential investors and partners. We needed to elevate Lisarb's position and brand presence within an already crowded and fragmenting sector. Developing a brand identity that would be respected by highly reputable organisations such as Santander, T-Mobile, Micropower (Tesla Energy Technology).

Brand Strategy

Through a series of brand workshops we were able to uncover and define what Lisarb stood for, what they represented and the positive impact they have. Following a series of messaging workshops and working closely with the team from Resonates — a marketing and communications agency — we were able to define a value proposition for Lisarb and a messaging framework.

Creative rationale

The Lisarb Icon forms the foundation of their visual language. It symbolises their agility, being able to work responsively and quickly, day and night. Inspiration was also taken from the mythology of 'Kuat', the sun god for the Mamaiurans, an Amazon Indian tribe that lives in Brazil.

Brand Application

The key touchpoints for the brand rollout were mapped out...

Lisarb Brand Application
Lisarb Brand Application
Lisarb Brand Application
Lisarb Brand Application

Creative delivery

Even as a young company Lisarb has a solid reputation in end-to-end solar energy generation. To encourage further financial investment in Solar and Renewable energy industry Lisarb are aiming to offer Thought leadership articles and opinion pieces. A visual language has been created to further engage and support content touch pieces such as whitepapers like their 'Expert Guide to Ethical and Sustainable Investment in Brazil'.

Lisarb Energy Mobile Website
Lisarb Energy Values
Lisarb Energy Presentation 2
Lisarb Energy Messaging


Despite the challenges faced by the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to deliver the whole project, from strategy to launch and ongoing support as a connected, remote team. A connected team, all working remotely, from home!

It has been a pleasure working with Bright Collie. They understood our business needs and created a brand identity that hit the spot, they then built our website to reflect it. Our website is effective and much more authentic because of Bright Collie”

Jamie MacDonald-Murray – Chairman