Making a positive
impact on the world

The creation of a brand identity, visual system, website and collateral to strengthen the Oasthouse Ventures brand and business portfolio.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Strapline & Messaging Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development


Oasthouse Ventures develop businesses which have a positive impact on the world. They establish or invest in businesses in order to grow them in a sustainable and collaborative way. These businesses are typically in the clean and emerging technology sectors.


Oasthouse Ventures are a purpose driven business. Working closely with other, like minded businesses, they require a balance of presenting their corporate acumen and expertise with a warm-hearted approach.


Oasthouse Ventures always have ‘something brewing’. The strategy focused on adding meaning to the Oasthouse name, allowing their ventures to feel part of ‘something bigger’.


The main identity references an oasthouse. An oasthouse is a building designed for drying hops as part of the brewing process. We wanted to build this connection into the identity. We then created a visual toolkit and applied this across all of Oasthouse’s communications.


Following the creation of the main brand identity, we have partnered with Oasthouse to create vibrant and meaningful brands for all of their ventures.

Low Carbon Farming

The Oasthouse team completed a £120m fundraise in September 2019 to construct two of the UK’s largest greenhouses, utilising waste heat from water treatment facilities.


GroVida is a Portuguese company developing growing and processing facilities for medicinal grade cannabis products.