A presentation
with purpose for
University of Oxford

When The Clinical Research Unit of Oxford University required investment for a new medical centre specialising in tropical diseases to be based in Vietnam, they approached us to help.


  • Design Support
  • Iconography
  • Visual Guidelines
  • Value Proposition


The Oxford University Clinical Research Unit is a large-scale clinical and public health research unit based in Vietnam. We partnered with them to provide a visual toolkit and investment slide deck to aid with raising awareness and vital funds for a new medical centre.


Our main challenge was to present the important and very detailed information about the centre and its purpose into a clear value proposition. The objective was to create a visually engaging presentation that was both informative and clear.

Brand strategy

The University of Oxford is a brand that has a valuable positioning. It is recognised as a world-leading centre of learning, teaching and research and the oldest university in the English-speaking world. The strategy was to build on the brand recognition throughout the slide deck.

Visual Toolkit

We produced a visual toolkit and resource library to allow the presentation to be tailored for specific audiences.