Your brand is a combination of three key aspects:

Your purpose — the reason why you exist
Your positioning — where you exist in your audience’s mind
Your perception — the way your audience sees you act

These three keys to your brand fit together to make your brand a powerful asset. A healthy and robust brand will help you win new customers, delight your existing ones and make sure you can thrive.

Why a Brand Health Check?

Think of this like an MOT for your brand

Budgets are not endless, and market sentiment is continually shifting, so undertaking a vast project to align your brand is not possible or advisable. However, to ensure you are in tune, relevant, and lifespan orientated, it is essential that you take stock of where you are to guide where you are heading.

Rather than a huge project, we recommend you take a brand health check twice a year. Think of it as an MOT. With the world changing daily, it makes sure that the engine behind your brand is running smoothly. You will be aware of how social, cultural, and environmental factors influence your brand’s perception.

What do we do?

1. Industry context

Make sure you are aware of any significant shifts in your category or sector. Is your performance in line with industry growth?

2. Positioning within the market

What are others in the market doing? How do you sit in your audience’s minds? How do your competitors compare in your audience’s mind?

3. Challenges

What internal and external factors exist that are detracting you from building and growing your brand?

4. Opportunities

How to lead your brand forward? What are the thoughts about the future? What changes and considerations do you need to make to develop?

5. Trends

Where do we see shifts or movements happening? What are the environmental, cultural, behavioural and ethical considerations you need to consider to keep your brand relevant?

6. Inspiration

What are other brands doing in different categories and sectors that you can learn from and use to inspire your actions?

Miro Boards

What you get

After a 30–60 minute presentation of our analysis, we then discuss what this may mean for future brand development. We will help you build a roadmap covering creative activity as well as campaigns and innovation, plotting a realistic timeline that echoes marketing budgets. 

Talk to us

Asking the right questions is key to connecting the right dots. And relying on brand experts to help you get to your consistent amplification score is essential. We often hear the nuances of thinking within what you are saying and can bring it to life.

If you want to assess where your brand currently is and how to build a roadmap for development then we’d love to hear from you.

Jess has over a decade worth of experience directing and strategically guiding FMCG and B2C brands across global and local markets.

Huw loves to work at the intersection of strategy and creativity and works directly with the leadership teams of our clients to help pinpoint and articulate their brand position.

Asking the right questions is key to connecting the right dots.

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