Building a
brand that’s
full of belief

Valleys to Coast Housing Association were keen to be positioned as an organisation that valued people and lead from the heart.


  • Research & Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Strapline Development
  • Messaging & Tone of Voice
  • Brand Identity
  • Interior Design


Valleys to Coast manage almost 6,000 homes across South Wales. Driven by a purpose to ‘provide homes where people feel happy and safe’, they required an aspirational brand identity to represent the organisation.


Our challenge was to create a rich, flexible brand identity that represented the organisations purpose, vision, values and behaviours.

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy was shaped around the proposition of ‘Building Belief’. Valleys to Coast values its people, trusts its people and sees the potential in those that they work with and those that they are there to serve.

Valleys to Coast Values
Valleys to Coast Meaning


We created an identity that had people at its heart. An emblem created from two fingerprints, combined to make a heart symbol, coloured to represent the valley and coastal areas of South Wales.

Brand Application

We partnered with Valleys to Coast to roll-out the brand identity and it’s activation and supporting campaigns across print, digital, promotional materials, exteriors and interior graphics.


Valleys to Coast have a flexible and vibrant visual and verbal identity that is supported by internal and external brand guidelines, tone of voice and messaging platforms. The visual toolkit that we have provided allows the organisations internal teams to manage campaigns and events independently.

From my first introductory meeting with Bright Collie, it was clear that they put the customer at the heart and offered support options to help us grow as a brand rather than the usual sales pitch.

Lizzie Conway — Head of Creative Communications, Valleys to Coast