Turning up the
heat for Mixergy

Mixergy is a market leader in hot water tank innovation. We partnered with them to refine their positioning and provide a new identity and supporting brand toolkit to help sustain their impressive growth.


  • Website Design & Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging & Tone of Voice


Market leaders in hot water tank innovation, Mixergy develop future proof, cost effective & sustainable solutions to enable people to take control of their energy consumption, reduce bills and optimise the use of renewable energy.


Already viewed as pioneering and disruptive in the clean tech sector, Mixergy needed to increase their credibility and demonstrate their shift from ‘start up’ to mass market technology player with a complete overhaul of the brand and identity.

Brand Strategy

We needed to position their brand strategy to connect and engage with both B2B and B2C audiences. Mixergy aim to expand their market share across key audiences not just by selling products, but by building long term relationships and customer experiences that people love. This needed to be reflected in their brand strategy and positioning.

Visual Identity

Mixergy's identity system consists of a bold, bright and energetic palette, confident sans-serif typography, and a storytelling-first photography style. The new story-driven logo brings the brand a fresh and modern start to their brand’s system, while representing all aspects of their innovative business.


We started with wireframes where we try to find the best way to organise the desired functionality of the website. Iteration by iteration, we come to the best possible way of displaying the content according to the best UX practices. From here we created high-fidelity versions of desktop, tablet and mobile screens that utilise the new brand styles.


Alongside the brand identity, we had a pleasure of creating additional assets to enhance the Mixergy brand across all possible media touchpoints. We applied a new style to both online and offline materials as well as a fresh new set of bespoke iconography, social media posts templates and photography styles.