Mortgages made

NHMB saw a massive uplift in leads and conversations within the first week of launching their new strategy and identity. The conversational styling and 'effortless mortgages' message, strongly resonated with existing and new clients.


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Toolkit
  • Website Design & Development


Buying a new home is not easy and never has been. At moments of high stress, customers need full confidence in their mortgage broker to guide them through the painstaking process of purchasing a new home. NHMB wanted to be positioned as the go-to advisor for couples and young families who are anxious about purchasing a home and have big concerns over what they 'can afford'.


Our task was to create a positioning for the brand alongside a new identity and website, that would reposition the company’s values and product benefits to their customers. To reflect the New Homes Mortgage Broker's ambitious growth, we needed to develop and design a comprehensive new brand including a logo, website, toolkit, social media templates and stationery system.


Defining the brand values and establishing a distinctive tone of voice for NHMB was a fundamental part of their ambitious growth strategy. Putting people at the heart of homeownership.


The creative process began with creative positioning territories to enable the team to define the right visual strategy for the brand. Starting with inspiration, sketches and digital concepts before moving into refining and finalising the brand identity and supporting assets. A bespoke logotype was created through refining the typography to ensure legibility across a range of both digital and print assets.


Investing in a new home is probably one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make; so while we wanted to make the visual identity to have character, fun and dynamism, we also had to ensure that the brand also felt trustworthy and retained a sense of seriousness. To help strike this balance, the bold colour palette and playful illustrations were paired with a mature tone of voice and informative messaging.

Graphic Language

To visualise the brand’s personality, we created a range of patterns, textures and illustrations which capture the spirit of NHMB. Playful, fresh and bursting with feel-good energy; because after all - buying a house should be fun! This feeling of joy and happiness flows through the visual language.

Brand Application

When it comes to building a memorable brand, consistency is everything. We created a brand toolkit of assets to ensure that at every touchpoint, the audience is getting the warmth and tonality of the brand.


The user flow and experience on the site was designed to enable multiple different audiences to navigate to the relevant information with ease. Categorised under 'first-time buyers', 'moving home', 'remortgages' or 'investors' to enable each to have simplified access to specific services. Our mission was to provide informative content in a friendly, confident and approachable manner - to open a conversation with potential new clients.