A new brand
takes flight

We were commissioned by IrvinGQ (previously Airborne Systems) to lead them through a rebranding exercise.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Naming
  • Website design
  • Print & editorial design


IrvinGQ is a market-leading, global business, employing nearly 350 people in the UK and France. They have a proud history of working in the Aerospace and Defence sector, and their products have been protecting people and assets for over 100 years. To allow them to grow market share and provide a platform for the marketing of their entire range of products, a rebrand of the business was undertaken.


In order to help differentiate IrvinGQ from their competition and to allow them to expand their business operations, it was agreed that a name change and rebrand was the best solution. Our challenge was to help position the IrvinGQ brand as a leader, innovator and trusted partner within the Defence and Aerospace sector. As the business provides more than 'aerial delivery systems' remaining under the Airborne Systems brand was recognised to be an inhibitor to future growth.

Brand Strategy

Our strategy was to build the new brand from the stories contained within IrvinGQ's impressive heritage. The founders of IrvinGQ were three pioneering individuals. Leslie Leroy Irvin was the inventor of the 'rip cord' system used on parachutes and made the world's first free-fall parachute descent in 1919. Irvin parachutes have been used worldwide since the 1930s. James Gregory and Sir Raymond Quilter formed GQ Parachutes in 1932 and created the British 'X' type parachute used in WWII. Since the 1940's they have been the sole supplier of ejection seat parachutes to Martin Baker Aircraft Company. Following several acquisitions and mergers, the collective had been trading as Airborne Systems since 2007. It was time to change.


Through our brand strategy process, we worked closely with the IrvinGQ leadership team to understand the vision and strategic aims of the business and how to bring this alive through the branding process. Following several brand workshops with the leadership team and key stakeholders, we set work crafting the new identity for IrvinGQ.

Brand toolkit

We were keen to demonstrate the human element that goes into an IrvinGQ product. By commissioning film and photography, we were able to show the impressive capabilities of IrvinGQ from creation through to delivery. This provided a visual toolkit that could be used to promote the brand.