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We’re looking for a Designer to join us.

A brand is your business’s most important asset. Your brand isn’t just your logo; it’s how your business strategy comes to life and impacts the customer experience. Every interaction your business has with the world — from your customers to your employees — stems from the brand.

How should businesses prepare for a recession? Here are some practical tips.

The standard setup of working from the office has now changed since the pandemic. We have put together a few insights and tips from things we have learned since testing a hybrid working model at Bright Collie.

When you think of your brand, you might think of its name and slogan. You’ll look at your great logo and fantastic design. You might think about the product or service your brand represents. But your brand is so much more than this.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted your brand? How are others adapting? What could you do?